Teeven: ‘guilty until proven innocent’

In The Netherlands, a person is innocent until proven guilty. But not for the minister of justice Teeven. He wants to deny people, who are suspected of a crime, a ‘certificate of good conduct,’ and as I stated before: a person is innocent until proven guilty. He uses suspects of pedophilia as an example. He wants to refuse mere suspects of pedophilia, and therefore innocent people, a job at kindergarten and/or preschool. And for a job at those schools you need a ‘certificate of good conduct’. (continue reading at krapuul.com)

2 gedachten over “Teeven: ‘guilty until proven innocent’”

  1. 1. You, Fred, conserve a brain from just before WWII
    2. You transplant before you blackmail your way up
    3. we are stuck with a …. ah well you know
    4. And we say : “wir haben es nicht gewusst”?
    5. Right said Fred!

  2. Oh, yes, this is typical of what this ‘conservative’ ilk does here in the US.
    They use the worst example of crime and criminals to push through policies, often ones that undermine basic civil and human rights.
    This type of tactic was used here in the US to bring about the immoral and dehumanizing criminal justice practices the US is noted for. Yes, of course, you are first guilty and you need to “prove you are innocent.” Are they also claiming it “protects society” and “gives justice to victims?”

    Conservatism is poison, and you will find that the ‘conservative country’ this ilk is shaping the Netherlands into will be a toxic wasteland dehumanization and immoral state policies that attack human rights.

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