11 januari: Calais (France), URGENT call out for migrant-support on fascist demo

The anti-migrant and idiot collective “Sauvons Calais” which appeared last October plans to hold their anti-migrant demonstration this Saturday january 11, 9:45 at the Place d`Armes. They are demanding:

-The expulsion of migrants from Calaisien territory
-The cessation of any grant awarded to support migrants
-The prohibition of the movement “No Border”
-The prohibition of the association “S.A.L.A.M.”
-The arrest of any person hosting clandestine migrants

We must resist this demonstration to make sure that the myopic and fascist ideology it is promoting is not able to have a platform from which to speak, and that this Facebook group remains just that; unable to garner any sort of street presence!

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  1. It’ll probably get tacit support from the government – especially if it involves opposing Muslims and Islam. The British government provides tacit support for the EDL. In the Netherlands, a group like Sauvons Calais would get tacit support from the government: The AIVD would declare “No Border” and its opposition a “threat to the democratic legal order.”

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