The struggle against compulsory labor in Leiden

The city council of Leiden has introduced compulsory labor for unemployment benefit claimants. Doorbraak is campaigning against this policy. A chronology. The original text in Dutch (January 4th 2012) Ce texte en Français September 8th 2010. A review of the struggle against compulsory labor in Leiden should actually start in Amsterdam. There the Steuncomité Sociale Strijd (SSS – Support committee Social Struggle), in which Doorbraak also participates, started a campaign in 2010 against the pilot project “Loondispensatie” (Wage dispensation) of GreenLeft-alderman Andrée van Es. GreenLeft is a green left-liberal party. By means of this project Van Es puts unemployed persons to work in jobs under the minimum wage. “SSS demands that the minimum wage is maintained. Equal pay for equal work is indeed one of the cornerstones of the social system. It should not be questioned”, the support committee states in a pamphlet. “Now all employees are entitled to a wage… (Continue reading)