Helemaal voorbij

Blindelingse Greep in de RG-Collectie II-31 levert een Pickwick-lp van Mac & Katie Kissoon op, waarvan ik deze track kies, die niet zo ver van het origineel afstaat. Ik heb al eerder geschreven dat bij wijze van hoge uitzondering de witte cover Mijn voorkeur geniet.

Well, baby used to
Stay out all night long
She made me cry
She did me wrong

She hurt my nose open
That’s no lie
Tables turn and now
It’s her turn to cry


Because I used to love her
But it’s all over now
Because I used to love her
But it’s all over now

Well, she used to run around
With every man in town
She spent all my money
Tryin’ to play her high class game

She put me out
It was a pity how I cried
But tables turn and
Now it’s her turn to cry


Well, I used to wake up in the morning
And get my breakfast in bed
Whenever I got worried
She would rub my aching head

But now she’s here and there
With every man in town
She’s still trying to take me for
That same old clown


It’s all over noow, vermoedelijk 1971