Verander je gezicht als je meedoet

Ja, gisteren hier uit de kast gekomen als Danhead (echt nieuws is het niet) presenteer ik u een pre-Dan-nummer: You got to walk it like you talk it (or you’ll lose that beat), Becker & Fagen, 1971.

Ain’t no man can tell you
What’s right for you
Cause you got to know what you need to know
To know what you got to do

You got to walk it just like you talk it
Or you know your gonna lose that beat
Yeah, you got to walk it just like you talk it
Or be sure you’re gonna lose that beat

You rap yourself to ribbons
And bite and punch and kick
But join the race
You’ll have to change your face
The whole thing seems so sick

[refrein] [Solo] [refrein]

Now Carter he’s got a problem
And most folks you’ll agree
He’s got to grab, go blind or lose his mind
And most folks do all three