Psychedelische klassieker du jour: Disintegrate Blur 36 Page 03

In 2000 belandde David Tibet in het ziekenhuis met een verwaarloosde blindedarmontsteking. Tibet, toch al geobsedeerd door de dood en religie, hallucineerde er naar eigen zeggen flink op los over zijn favoriete onderwerpen. Hij overleefde de ziekenhuisopname, maar de hallucinaties leidden tot dit psychedelische meesterwerkje waarop Tibet de krachten bundelde met Steven Stapleton (Nurse With Wounds). De tekst is van Tibet, de magnifieke geluidscollage van Stapleton.

Everything I have tried to say
Came out confused
Only try to hold
But under clouds, or moon
As the liquidine digits
Skip along
To the final blink
Nothing made sense
But the fault isn’t mine
It was given to me

In a red house
In a dead house
The chapel, uneasy
As young boys huddle
At the threat of a dagger
And spencerine cutting
The grammar and words
Were written out for me
Unending times

Some losses cannot be paid
The loss of one’s innocence
And there is no rebirth
There may be no pardon
I cannot be understood
Or understand anymore
I don’t exist anymore
I have no sight (it is said)
In my eyes
And must (I am told)
Adopt different lies
And the words rush by
Streaming pennants
They make no sense
But say unease
My mind is not still
And there may be no peace
And shadow puppets lie
As paper men
The theatre is closed
And there was no applause

Uitgelichte afbeeldi8ng: By jdlennon –, CC BY 2.0,