(Post)punkklassieker du jour: Wire – I Should Have Known Better

De eerste drie albums – Pink Flag, Chairs Missing en 154 – van deze Britse art punks zijn klassiek. De groepsleden bewonderden zowel The Ramones als Pink Floyd, en dat is te horen ook. I Should Have Known Better is afkomstig van 154, toen de rauwe punk van het debuutalbum plaats had gemaakt voor meer complexe, sfeervolle en melodieuze noise. De beschrijving van een desintegrerende relatie is nooit overtroffen, juist omdat de emoties nét onder de oppervlakte blijven. Weergaloos.

In an act of contrition
I lay down by your side
It’s not your place to comment
On my state of distress
For this is for real
I’ve tears in my eyes
Am I laughing or crying?
I suggest I’m not lying

I haven’t found a measure yet to
Calibrate my displeasure yet so

To ignore my warning
Could be your folly
The judgement is harsh
I offer no plea

Valuing the vengeance which you treasure
I’ve redefined the meaning of vendetta

The procession’s disordered
You protect your possessions
In light of your actions
I question your love

May I make an observation
Your bite is worse than my aggression

I should have known better
I should have known better
Than to become a target
Albeit a target which moves

No offer of terms or concessions
For statements or confessions
You don’t feel warm, I pass close by

You shiver, I whisper
Excuse me, what’s your problem?
Oh, I see
I should have known better