(Post)punkklassieker du jour: White Noise

Bed & Breakfast ‘No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs’

Het wereldbeeld van de gemiddelde PVV’er,  samengevat in 10 coupletten. Stiff Little Fingers is afkomstig uit Noord-Ierland. Tot voor zeer kort werden Ieren in Engeland nog als tweederangsburgers beschouwd, in sommige pubs hing nog in de jaren ’60 een bordje met de tekst  ‘No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs‘ (overigens ook de titel van de autobiografie van John Lydon, die van Ierse afkomst is).

Rastus is a nigger. Thug mugger junkie.
Black golly gob. Big horny monkey.

Pimp pusher coon. Grinning piccaninnies.
Send him home soon. Back to the trees.

Black wogs. Black wogs. Face Don’t fit.
Black wogs. Black wogs. Ain’t no Brit.

Ahmed is a Paki. Curry coffee queer.
Ten to a bed. Flocking over here.
Tax-sponging canker. Smelly thieving kids.
Ponce greasy wanker. Worse than the yids.

Brown wogs. Brown wogs. Face don’t fit.
Brown wogs. Brown wogs. Ain’t no Brit.

Stick together we’ll be all white me and you
The only colours we need are red, right and blue.

Paddy is a moron. Spud thick Mick.
Breeds like a rabbit. Thinks with his prick.
Anything floors him if he can’ fight or drink it.
Round them up in Ulster. Tow it out and sink it.

Green wogs. Green wogs. Our face don’t fit.
Green wogs. Green wogs. We ain’t no Brit.

If the victim ain’t a soldier why should we care?
Irish bodies don’t count. Life’s cheaper over there.

Green wogs. Green wogs. Face don’t fit.
Green wogs. Green wogs. We ain’t no Brit.
Green wogs. Green wogs. Get ‘em boys.
Green wogs. Green wogs. Turn up the white noise.