(Post)punkklassieker du jour: Sex Beat

The Gun Club begreep dat punk en blues uit dezelfde bron putten.  Het debuutalbum Fire of Love is een vlammende cocktail, samengesteld uit gelijke delen Delta Blues,  Ramones, William Faulkner en Creedence.  De opvolgers Miami en The Las Vegas Story  zijn iets professioneler, maar ook iets conventioneler. Nog steeds zeer de moeite waard, overigens.

Hier Sex Beat, de openingstrack van Fire of Love. In de visie van Jeffrey Lee Pierce is sex niet bevrijdend, maar bedreigend en gevaarlijk, zij het daarom niet minder opwindend: we can fuck forever/but you will never get my soul.

Johnny’s got a light in his eyes
And Shirley’s got a light on her lips
Jakes got a monkey shine on his head
And Debra Ann’s got a tiger in her hips

They can twist and turn, they can move and burn
They can throw themselves against the wall
But they creep for what they need
And they explode to the call

And then they move, move
Sex beat, go

They’re stupid like I told ya
Very stupid like ya saw
Very stupid as the simple thought
Of ever thinking at all

And all their mind, all their soul
All their bodies, all we know
All the things that shoulda made us whole
All the colorless security
Was all that someone could go

And move, move
Sex beat, drop

And yes, you do look cool
Inside the floodlights so blue
You make my tropical apartment’s bed
Your sacrificial pool

My body in the water
And my heart is in your hand
So this is the way you choose
To send me to the judgment land

So you can’t move, move
Ooh, sex beat, go

And every day I  agree
You throw me down by the Christmas tree
I watched your lights blink on and off
While you start your fun with me

I, I know your reasons
And I, I know your goals
We can fuck forever
But you will never get my soul

So you can move, so you can move
So you cannot move
So you can move, so you can
Ooh, sex beat