Negen pond staal

Blindelingse Greep nr.35 in de RG-Collectie levert het verzamelalbum Lookin’ back van Joe Simon op. Deep-soul-zanger die vooral in het countrygenre werkt(e). Kan dat? Reken maar!
Van deze bloemlezing van zijn werk voor het Sound Stage 7-label kies ik deze single, Nine pound steel

Through these walls
I see the sun
I’m here because
The wrong I’ve done…
Made me ashamed
I stole from her
Oh, when I should’ve stood up like a man
You see, I’ve got to say good morning
To a nine pound steel

Listen to me now
They got me working
Like a slave
Payin’ for
My mistake
I know someday
I’ll be free (someday)
Please darling
Oh honey, wait for me

I’ve got to say good morning
To a nine pound steel
Good morning to that old nine pound steel
This old jail
Is so cold
I need ya darling
I need your love more and more

I know someday
Someday I’ll be free (someday)
Free darling, oh honey wait for me
Until I lay down this whole nine
Nine pound – nine pound steel
It’s so hard, sometimes
Listen to me, honey
I’m comin’ home (come home)
Wait for me
I’m comin’ home
Wait for me