Nederrockklassieker du jour: Herman Brood – Street

De titelsong van Herman Brood’s eerste échte solo-album “Street”, uit de tijd vóórdat Herman zijn eigen leven ging acteren en zich ontwikkelde tot de nationale troeteljunk.  Herman als schilder en acteur, het zal allemaal wel. Wat mij betreft zal hij tot in eeuwigheid de pianist van Cuby & The Blizzards en de auteur van prachtplaten als “Street” en “Shpritz” blijven. Alles wat daarna komt is een pose, soms vermakelijk, soms irritant. Ik herinner me Herman liever als het rebelse Zwolse straatschoffie dan als de mediajunk van de jaren ’80 en ’90. Don’t wanna lose a minute/Don’t wanna miss a chance/Can’t you feel the slipstream/Like a…wild romance

Hey boy,
I can see
You’re one of our own
The way you stick out your ears
Bitch your bursts
Cook up your tears
Clean your works
And hit that stone, daddy kick that stone

Waisting your time under some leeko light
There’s a hell of a difference
Sucking a tit
Have you ever
Ever seen a hot shot hit, kid

You’re gonna talk to yourself
You know, mumble inside
Split from yourself
Looking for life in the street

Hanging round on the sidewalk
You’ve got the blackboard feelings
Gettin high and go dancin
Robbin and stealin

Hey boy,
Just take a tip
Don’t be overhip
Just reach out
See what it’s all about
But take a good look down this road
Before, you old buddy, hit that stone
Kick that stone

Where were you when the lights went out
As all these loners hanging round
Do their crap so loud.
I saw you sneak in
When we should make the show.
And you know the stage is high
But you feel so low
In the street

On a hot summer sunday
You’ve got the pavement steamin
You’ve got lost in the subway
Then wild romance keeps you dreamin

Hey boy,
Many people try to sing the blues
About the love they lost
You know, about feelin low
Holes in their shoes
About missing the show
And hit that stone, kick that stone

You’re gonna change your car
For seven horses
Nursing the pain
Stone walls crashin
You’re gonna face yourself
Upside down
You’re gonna see every shit house
In the whole damned town, in the street

Hanging round on the sidewalk
You’ve got the blackboard feelings
Flashin and dancin
Robbin and stealin
Hey, you feel the heat closing in
Buddy, on a hot summer sunday
You’ve got the pavement steamin
Got lost in the subway
Can’t you feel the heatwave
Like a loop de loop
Straight from the gutter, ma
Like a bowl of soup
Don’t wanna lose a minute
Don’t wanna miss a chance
Can’t you feel the slipstream,
Like a…wild romance