Making the forced labor center ungovernable

The struggle continues against the forced labor center DZB in Leiden, where welfare recipients must work without receiving real wages. After successful actions on May 1st and 2nd, the emphasis of Doorbraak’s actions in these coming months will be on undermining the governability of the center..

On May 1st, Doorbraak organized a Labor Day celebration for the second consecutive year on the plaza in front of the DZB in Leiden. To our surprise, the administration gave all of the forced laborers the rest of the day off. Understandably, most of them went home directly and only some persons stayed for the celebration. With this yearly celebration, we want to show our support for the forced laborers and further build up our contact with them. On this day, it was not possible. However, winning a free day for all of the forced laborers was a small victory. For this day off, we were thanked by diverse benefits claimants who would have otherwise had to work for no pay. We decided to try it the next day one more time. It was a win/win situation; either the forced laborers would not have to work another day for free, or we could celebrate May Day together. If the administration had given another day off, then of course we would have come again the next day and there therefore would have been a de facto moratorium on forced labor in Leiden. Naturally, the management would not have been pleased with this outcome, therefore, we were finally able to celebrate May Day together. (Lees verder bij de bron van dit artikel)

Via: Doorbraak