Een ernstig waarschuwend woord: maak dit drankje niet

Nee, serieus, ik zou het niet doen. Bovendien is de wolfskers, die de bessen moet leveren van het bezongen drankje, zeldzaam en beschermd. (En inmiddels wel uitgebloeid).

Jeremiah Cade though a singer by trade
He couldn’t sing a note without the liquor he made
He could never make it big ’til the night he took a swig
From his homebrewed Belladonna Moonshine

At the start of his show from behind his banjo
He’d take out a bottle and he’d drink it down slow
Then he’d sing like a choir and his strings’d catch fire
From his home brewed Belladonna Moonshine

Where Jeremiah went was the biggest event
That the people ever saw, it was money well spent
They’d travel from afar, Jeremiah was a star
On his home brewed Belladonna Moonshine

Everybody cried when Jeremiah died
A bottle and his banjo lyin’ at his side
The cause was the same as the cause of his fame
It was home brewed Belladonna Moonshine

Jeremiah’s gone but his songs live on
Cos he’s got em all singin’ up in Kingdom Come
But St Peter at the gate made him promise not to make
Any home brewed Belladonna Moonshine

Belladonna moonshine, Audience, 1971.