De stilettohak in zijn hoofd

Neo-jazz in de post-Wigan-Casinotijd in Engeland. Nette dansmuziek met een tekst met een zekere hoekigheid.
Zo maken ze ze niet meer, mensen

With a fleeting smile below the lazy eyes
And the face that’s not attempting to disguise
It’s an open invitation showing all the signs
Sample my supply

And her fingers touch the hand below the lace
She suggests a later time, another place
He accepts her invitation, “wanna spend some time?”
Written on her face

Her stiletto heels go clicking through his head
With the glossy invitation he misread
And you’d think he couldn’t fail to read between the line
Plays the fool instead

(Da capo al fine)

Invitations, Shakatak, 1982

De 12″-versie