De Cornelis Prulcollectie 23: My time ain’t long

Willekeurige Greep nr.23 levert een verzameling nummers op van Jimmie Rodgers, pas bijeengebracht in 1964. Ik kies het titelnummer van de verzameling, dat uit 1932 stamt.

I will go to the gallows at sunrise
They say I am going to hang
Through the opening will fall my young body
On the end of a rope I will swing

My pals have all died on the gallows
And I am awaiting my time
If you wander astray in the struggle
Your life will be wasted like mine

I think of my heartbroken mother
Her pleadings have all been in vain
She suffered to rear me from childhood
And now I’m her sorrow and shame
Young man don’t sin to you sorrow
Don’t shadow your dear mothers name
My pals have all gone on before me
And I am a lad left in pain

No more will the boys gather round me
The pals that I love have gone on
I will die when the new day is dawning
To pay for the deeds I’ve done wrong

Alone I will die on the gallows
Alone I will cross the divide
But bury me there by my sweetheart
To sleep through the years by her side

Dear mother it’s soon I’ll be going
Oh mother I’ll go with the dawn
The bright stars are now dimmer growing
Dear mother my time won’t be long

Oh mother I know how you love me
But mother I’m going to hang
My pals have all gone on before me
I guess I have played my last game