De alleengaande

Roel Janssen smokkelde de debuut-solo-LP van Neil Young zijn soundtracklijst van 1968 binnen. De LP is in feite in januari 1969 uitgebracht, en dit is de eerste solosingle ervan. Ik hoor het voor het eerst.

He’s a perfect stranger
Like a cross
Of himself and a fox
He’s a feeling arranger
And a changer
Of the ways he talks
He’s the unforeseen danger
The keeper of
The key to the locks

Know when you see him
Nothing can free him
Step aside, open wide
It’s the loner

If you see him in the subway
He’ll be down
At the end of the car
Watching you move
Until he knows
He knows who you are
When you get off
At your station alone
He’ll know that you are


There was a woman he knew
About a year or so ago
She had something
That he needed
And he pleaded
With her not to go
On the day that she left
He died
But it did not show


The loner