Budget cuts that ‘have to’ be made? An example

Ever since the financial crisis hit the (western) world, we’ve been told that budget cuts have to be made. But how necessary are all these budget cuts that we are supposed to be making due to the crisis exactly, and more importantly how are the choices of where to make these cuts being decided upon? Aren’t these often political choices instead of financial ones? Here in Europe the crisis seems to be partly abused for pushing through a neo-conservative agenda. In South Europe for instance countries are forced by the IMF and the European Central Bank to sell public services like water companies into private hands. Especially in those areas, some of which grow more arid by the year, this could prove to be very awkward. In my own country, the Netherlands, severe budget cuts have been made on social security, healthcare, welfare (people are even being made to work for their welfare as of this year) but on the other side billions are being spent on the new F-35 jetfighter, of which it is questionable of how much use it will be to us (continue reading at krapuul.com).