Blues/soulklassieker du jour: Plan your revolution

John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, 1969.

Establishment doctrine
In the USA
Make you very uptight
You don’t want
Anybody standing in your way
Plan your revolution
But you mustn’t fail
Examine eyery angle
Or you’ll find the power people
Putting you in jail
Because the old ones
Are going to put you down
They want the longhairs out of town
They’ve forgotten they were rebels too
Fighting for freedom back in ’42
But how will you be feeling
Twenty years from now
When all your sons and daughters
Will be criticising you
For the things you do?

Keep your head together
Accept reality
Don’t become a druggie
Unless you’re
Too weak to face responsibility
Take initial action
Show them you are fair
Show them you’re constructive
Abide by the laws
And you will be nowhere
Tell the old ones what has got to be
Point the finger –
It’s up to you and me
Get the nation aware of what is wrong
We need to feel
We’ve got a home where we belong
So study your behaviour
Before you criticise
You’ll need a lot of leaders
To clear away
Hypocrisy and wars and lies

Don’t put off another day
What you could do today!