Amnesty Canada distantieert zich van anti-Oekraïens rapport

De Engelstalige afdeling van Amnesty Canada distantieert zich van het zogenaamde rapport van het Engelse hoofdkwartier, van 4 augustus jongstleden.
Dat er een grote Oekraïense diaspora in Canada is zal zeker een rol spelen.

As a section firmly committed to an equitable and decolonized approach to human rights, we greatly regret the deficiency in the collaboration between our International Secretariat and our AI Ukraine colleagues, which resulted in the resignation of Amnesty Ukraine’s director.

A decolonial approach begins with the principle to do no harm and centering those we are privileged to work with, particularly when they are most impacted and when they tell us that they are in harm’s way. How we work is as important as what we work on—and, in this case, our ways of working from an equity-informed perspective fell unacceptably short.

De afdeling verklaart zich solidair met Amnesty Oekraïne.

De hele verklaring.