Rotterdam: pand projectontwikkelaar beklad

Het kantoor van de Rotterdamse projectontwikkelaar Van Omme & De Groot is beklad met leuzen. Van Omme & De Groot was betrokken bij de bouw van een uitzetcentrum op Rotterdam Airport.

Zie berichtgeving in de pers:
Activisten bekladden Rotterdamse gebouwen (RTV Rijnmond)
Kantoor bouwer Rotterdams uitzetcentrum beklad (
Panden R’dam doelwit asielactie (NOS)

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Via: No-Border

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  1. This would not even be a issue, if our Human Rights were not violated in the first place. But it seems to me anyway, people are always judged before any proof has been shown. I am called a illegal immigrant and the Dutch government says, I am not welcome in the Netherlands and am a criminal, Because i keep coming back from America to be with my Dutch Mother. I understand how someone can be so angry. To be torn away from family, put in a prison and sent to a place where, you do not want to live! The Nazis did this before.

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