Verklaring groep die aanslag pleegde op gebouw anti-abortus organisatie

De groep die eergisteren brand stichtte in het gebouw van een anti-abortus organisatie in Wisconsin heeft een verklaring gepubliceerd. Volgens CNN, waar men zich beroept op ‘een betrouwbare bron’, is de verklaring authentiek. De groep die zich ‘Jane’s Revenge’ noemt – waarschijnlijk vernoemd naar het Jane Collective – zegt dat er meer aanslagen zullen volgen. Hieronder de verklaring. Het origineel vind je hier

First Communiqué

This is not a declaration of war. War has been upon us for decades. A war which we did not want, and did not provoke. Too long have we been attacked for asking for basic medical care. Too long have we been shot, bombed, and forced into childbirth without consent.

This was only a warning. We demand the disbanding of all anti-choice establishments, fake clinics, and violent anti-choice groups within the next thirty days. This is not a mere “difference of opinion” as some have framed it. We are literally fighting for our lives. We will not sit still while we are killed and forced into servitude. We have run thin on patience and mercy for those who seek to strip us of what little autonomy we have left. As you continue to bomb clinics and assassinate doctors with impunity, so too shall we adopt increasingly extreme tactics to maintain freedom over our own bodies.

We are forced to adopt the minimum military requirement for a political struggle. Again, this was only a warning. Next time the infrastructure of the enslavers will not survive. Medical imperialism will not face a passive enemy. Wisconsin is the first flashpoint, but we are all over the US, and we will issue no further warnings.

And we will not stop, we will not back down, nor will we hesitate to strike until the inalienable right to manage our own health is returned to us.

We are not one group, but many. We are in your city. We are in every city. Your repression only strengthens our accomplice-ship and resolve.

-Jane’s Revenge