The Hague police a gang of racist thugs

The The Hague Police are working extremely hard on becoming the number 1 organisation of racist violent scum in the Netherlands. Last December 2012 our Dutch friends at noticed how “fresh” they look. Nazi-looking Hairstyle-wise.

In November 2012 a The Hague Police officer shot a 17-year old boy from behind in his neck. They let him bleed to death “because they thought he was dead”. The boy was running away from the police because he was scared. The police officer however later reported that he felt threatened by the 17-year old boy. I don’t know about you, but when I a 17-year old boy is running away from me, I don’t feel threatened by that boy. But it’s different for the police. There are even pictures of the boy running away from the police and the police officer aiming at the boy’s head (continue reading at