Nederlandse oorlogsmisdaden in Takokak

Yusup Supardi stares at the ground. Then he lifts his face and takes a deep breath. He smiles as he tries to control his emotions.

“Im sorry, but thinking about this incident makes me feel very sad”. The old man, born eighty nine years ago in Sukabumi, starts telling his story.

Sixty years ago Yusup was a TNI soldier, Kala Hitam Battalion, Siliwangi Division. His life back then was full of danger. Once at Gandasoli he had to jump into a cliff to avoid being captured by a Dutch army unit which already had surrounded him and at Gekbrong he almost got killed by a KNIL soldier from Sunda. “But, all these stories are nothing compared to what I saw in Takokak”.

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  1. Mooi he die VOC tijd die gewoon via SHELL, Wapenhandel etc.. doorgaat.

    Maar dit is volgens sommige dan te lang geleden en daar mag je het dan niet meer over hebben. Wel over de bezetting hier. Dat is dan niet lang geleden of de Jappenkampen…

    Walgelijk allemaal! En maar naar andere volken wijzen met name dat PVV tuig.

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